About Us

Robotics, bio-cybernetics, and cyber-beings are testaments to our changed reality. Metamorphosis, adjustment, and the continuous urge to modify and improve provide neither room nor time for natural development. We firmly believe that a world in which carbon-based life and silicon-based life coexist together will come one day in the future. The radical separation between living creatures and machines has been abrogated – the synthesis between biomass and mechanics becomes a part of evolution. A living thing, defined as being an organized genetic unit, gains additional mechanical attributes, and the transplant becomes a part of the act of creation. The mechanical creature is born.

We imagine it is a world that creatures are transformed by human beings, they are a new species varied from all of the creature's origin from the earth, we call it mechanical creatures and they live on a new planet whose name is Planet. We want to bring you into the world.
In this world, organisms combine with mechanics to create new, hybrid life forms which stride into the future in a more resistant, more efficient, and technically optimized form.

We are a group of masters of fine arts in steampunk crafts. Every piece of our works is originally designed and handmade. God created the creatures, but we transform them. We combine the beetles with some mechanical parts like gears, clockwork pieces, bearings, springs, electronic components, LED, tubes, wires, and 3D-printing parts, etc. to make a new species of Mechanical Creature which is a combination of the magnificence of Rococo and the precise art of Swiss Watches. The transformed beetle is even more impressive in size and appearance. We are so proud to say that the most precise and elegant mechanical beetles of the same industry are from our studio.

Our dream is to create a real new species which have their own appearance but built-in Artificial Intelligence, it is not only a beautiful kinetic sculpture but also a robot pet being your super-smart partner.
Thank you for allowing our team the opportunity to pursue our sustainable mechanical dreams while working with our hands to produce beautiful and meaningful items for you. We appreciate your support so much and look forward to crafting for you!