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3Dimensional Pet Portraits

Crafted with care and precision, our pet portraits come to life with a mesmerizing 3D effect. Each piece features a unique composition achieved through the layering of 5 to 6 acrylic glass panels, adding depth and dimension to capture your beloved pet in a truly enchanting way.

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The details matter

  • 1. Show us your pet

    Got some fun photos of your pet? Send us as many details of your pet as possible in the Pet Detail Submission Section.

  • 2. Hand craft to delivery

    Our artist will craft your 3D glass pet painting with the utmost attention to detail from your photos. Once ready, we'll ship your Forever Pal directly to you, so you can enjoy seeing your pet's spirit brought to life.

  • 3. Happy promise

    We want to make sure you love it! If it's not quite right, tell us. We'll fix it until you're smiling.

FAQs about 3D glass pet painting

How do you achieve the 3D stereoscopic effect in your artwork?

We use 6 to 7 layers of acrylic glass panels, painting different parts of your pet on each layer to create a rich, three-dimensional visual effect.

What type of photos are required for 3D Stereoscopic Paintings?

We ask for clear, multi-angle headshots of your pet to accurately capture their likeness in 3D.

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